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What’s coming up…

With a new web-site up and running now, I thought this might be a good time to blog a bit. I’ve practically stopped writing anything except for music in the past 8 months or so. I’ve just been a busy little bee. Buuuut I’m excited to have this all set and ready to go so I can give everyone updates on what’s to come!

I signed a deal to write for a publishing company called Songs for the Planet back in April, and so that’s why I am writing non-stop. I think the count since 2013 is over 40 songs…which is insane, but one of those songs is just too fun to hold onto until the next album happens (probably mid-2014)…soooo we are going to release this single in a couple weeks through the label, Platinum Planet Music….it’s called “What Makes You Good Enough” =)!!!!
It’s really stripped down and simple…and the few people that have heard it have given good reviews so I’m crossing my fingers that everyone will love it, buy it, share it and anticipate the rest of what music I’ve been writing!

I’ve got several shows and writer’s rounds coming up in the Nashville area I should tell ya about too….and one Christmas show in Birmingham.

Tonight, Oct 29 at 7:30pm at Mickey Roos in Franklin, Tn
Thursday, Nov. 7 & Thursday Dec. 5 our monthly writer’s round at Carol Ann’s Cafe at 6:30pm in Nashville, Tn
Saturday, Nov. 16 at Grays on Main at 9pm in Franklin, Tn
Sunday, Dec. 15, The Christmas Extravaganza at Moonlight on the Mountain at 7:30pm in Birmingham, Al
Saturday, Dec. 21, A Mickey Roos Christmas at Mickey Roos at 7:30pm in Franklin, Tn

I’ll also be releasing a few neeewww Christmas songs this year and definitely playing them live at the Christmas shows. I’m pretty pumped about this one…It’s called “You and Me and the Christmas tree.” That will be out on iTunes probably early November!

And last but not least, the video we did for “Carry Me Away” is complete and being passed around to some people to hopefully get picked up…I can’t release it yet because of that BUT it will be out sooooon and I’m pumped to finally have a cool video for that song. yay!

hmmm what else am I forgetting to tell you??? I dunno. But there’s the important fun stuff that’s comin up!

Thanks for keeping up with me and my music!

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