Picking the songs that define me

Until this last year, I could never have imagined writing at least one song a week…
I’ve been challenged and stretched in ways that I wasn’t sure I even wanted to be. But the result is that now, while I’m thinking through what songs will be on my album to come this year, I have more that I know what to do with.

It’s interesting, listing and listening through demo’s and saying no, that one isn’t good enough, or yes, that paints a picture of how I’ve felt this year…that song feels like me.

Being able to dissect and separate sounds, lyrics, and instrumentation into what distinguishes me from anyone else as a song-writer and an artist is the hardest part of this. What will people hear and say, “oh yeah, that’s Lee Anna Culp..”…. that’s the part that get’s tricky.

Sometimes even if I do actually like a song, and it just doesn’t sound like me completely..if I don’t feel anything when I sing it… I won’t want it on the album. It won’t fit. Like putting a puzzle together and having a couple pieces left that don’t fit right–but you can’t find the right ones so you force them in anyway. The puzzle is all wrong.  I will feel like I’m faking it and expecting noone to notice.

So the process has begun…whittling down everything I’ve been working on and putting my heart into. I want it to be so good. Like I want you to love every song on the album. Yes, you…whoever you may be, I want you to freaking love every song.

So wish me luck. It’s gonna be a fun, but scary few months of putting it all together.
And hopefully, get ready to love it.

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