The Dog Blog: A Day in the Life of Bodhi


I’m lucky enough to have a new, handsome fella as a permanent fixture in my life these days…
He’s giddy and all smiles every time I walk into the room. He pouts when I leave for work…and stands up for me when someone strange is walking a bit too close. He even sits and listens attentively when I practice my songs. He’s content just sitting next to me, watching tv and eating cookies on a Friday night…
He thinks I can do absolutely no wrong.
As long as I feed him and take him for walks…And don’t leave him alone for too long….
Logan and I have discovered that our golden retriever, Bodhi likes to make sure we know he is displeased with being left at home for any length of time..It all started about a month ago..
Every time we would leave the house, he would wander into the bathroom and rummage through the garbage can (ew) and get out anything that can be chewed and swallowed (and apparently sometimes processed by a dogs stomach) and chew up the rest as a public display of his distaste for loneliness. He also really enjoys taking anything that can’t be swallowed over to his favorite little carpet in our living room to make sure we know that, “this is what happens when you put doggy in a corner..”
After realizing this was a pattern and not a random occurrence on Bodhi’s part, we quickly learned to just shut the bathroom door when we’d leave,
and since our beloved and incredibly sensitive dog is not reprimandible, because well, he pees himself if you raise your voice above “Stern” and will then proceed to lay down in it..…we simply have to “send him to his bed” with a tone of voice which implies our “severe disappointment.”
< this is the same bed where he can be found happily lounging in the sun almost any time of the day>
He’s not exactly learning his lesson…
But how do you disciple a dog who pees himself out of senseless fear…and then lays down in it, I ask you?
Anyhow, as a wedding gift, my best friend got us a garbage can with a sturdy lid! Eureka! We can leave our bathroom door open when we leave again!
Problem solved, right? Not exactly. Bodhi still has a point to prove.
As it turns out, there is a secretly delectable treat that we humans have no discovered yet—the cardboard in the center of toilet paper!
Bodhi has now graduated to ever-so-gently slipping the toilet paper off of its holder, bringing it over to his favorite rug in the living room—chewing it up and getting down to the tasty center…and then eating it in it’s entirety. Yumm. You can imagine the problems this pattern might cause.
Who knows what’s inside that dogs body. His intestines must be a very unique creation. But his fear of discipline is too comical and too cute to out weigh the effort it would take to force him into the shower every time he pees himself for fear of a loud voice, and subsequently laying down in shame…in his own urine.
But he is the cutest.
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