When I write a song, sometimes I’m being inspired by a completely personal experience, and it’s a 100% true story kind of a thing, but other times, I’m writing from other peoples experiences and my own small part played…or maybe my second hand account of someone else’s story…someone I am not…a stranger…and I’m putting myself in their life for a moment to try to understand, portray and write about what I imagine a particular reality in their life has been like, through a song.

In my new album, I’ve got 13 songs with some kinda secret hidden in there..thus the title, “Secrets.” Every song has a reason I wrote it, those are my little secrets. And maybe those reasons don’t even still hold true, but the great thing about songs is that they encapsulate a moment and how you felt then. They’re forever. And they help you keep learning and, sometimes, give someone else the comforting feeling that they’re not alone… “yep, I’ve felt that way too..”

The first line on the album is “There is a secret that I know, to help us further down the road. Take my shoes, I’ll walk in yours, maybe we’ll learn a little more”…
I wanted this album to really depict who I am, and the secrets I have, the way I think, the experiences I’ve had: they’re all in there on this one. I’m proud to be able to put my name on this group of songs.

A couple years ago, I worked with someone who was angling to get me signed to a big label, and green as I was, I wasn’t fully seeing the big picture of what they wanted…but I’ll never forget him saying to me, “Being in a happy relationship doesn’t really make for good songs.”
Well dude, guess what…as it turns out…a good writer doesn’t need to be miserable to write good songs. I just got married and released my favorite 13 songs I’ve ever written…so happiness does breed good music and success. How’s that foot tasting.

Never let anyone tell you how the “world works.” Never let anyone tell you you can’t have what you want. We only get one “go” at life, and that, my friends, is the real secret. Take it all in…and share it with everyone you can. Forget the negative people, cause if you don’t, then they mattered. I’m so happy and so lucky to be making music my career every day, and having amazing people behind me and around me.

I hope you love my album, and most of all, I hope it means something to you!

Buy it! 😉

Secrets cover



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