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2 Years In Nashville

It’s been two years in Nashville now. The time has really flown by…

It feels like a lifetime ago when I was deciding to make this move…Nashville was a wild card to me…and I was really walking into the unknown. But at least I was coming along with my home-town friend Ryan.

So here we are, two years later…in a truly amazing building filled with artists and inspiration…over looking a city that now, finally feels like home. We’re settled in in a place we feel like we really fit. But it really did not start this way.

Moving to Nashville was largely just my attempt to figure what it was I could really do with my music…to see what doors would open for me with who and what I had to offer. That first year was not easy. Being a nobody never is. Especially not in a place where every one is trying to be somebody.

But this is a business that requires patience and dedication. Failure is an inevitable possibility, and success is not. But getting down on yourself when things don’t go just as you think they should is a recipe for disaster.

I remember the first month Ryan and I were here, with no jobs, no money and nobody to get us a better spot in the writers round for each night…playing to noone in a hotel restaurant at 11pm…and leaving saying…
“I am not playing another one of these freeeeakkking writers rounds. nobody cares! nobody’s here! This means absolutely nothing.”
But it did. It always does.

Like my dad always says (a basketball reference): “Never up, never in”
You have to keep shooting to make a basket.

There are all of these opportunities to get out there and play, even if noone is there…or it’s something that won’t pay any money (in Nashville, nothing is a paid gig). But my advice to any person wanting to pursue music…or any dream really…is to just wire yourself to. do. all. of. the. things. you. possibly. can. Even on the days you don’t to. Because you really never know who will be there or what will come out of it. Which leads me to where this blog is going.

Around Christmas time this past year, a friend who knew my love of non-profits connected me with a woman who organizes a Christmas concert for children who are stuck in the hospital during that time of the year..most of them with cancer and serious health issues.

The night before, I had had a Christmas party with my work group…it lasted late late into the night…and the next morning I was supposed to make the early morning drive to Birmingham to play for kids. It was a rough drive. The whole way there I felt like absolute crappola. But it was so worth it. The kids were so sweet and the woman I met who was putting it on was really receptive to my music. I had an amazing time.

Well it’s six months later. That woman ended up having some connections to a publishing company here in Nashville…apparently she called her friend (and the owner) there several times to get him to take a meeting with me. And after my two hour meeting, he handed me papers to sign the next day.

So there I was a signed song-writer….
and now as I’m writing this, I’ll be signing an official record and Artist deal this week with the same company’s label, Platinum Planet Music.

It’s weird, when things actually work out how you dreamed that they would. Isn’t it? But if I hadn’t gone to that one opportunity at Children’s hospital…none of this would be happening.

So I guess all I’m saying here is “holy crap I’m getting signed” and “take every opportunity you get.” You just never know.

Keep working hard toward your dreams…I wish everyone would do that. It’s such a fun journey.

Thank you all for every ounce of support you have given to me over the years. I haven’t forgotten any of it. <3

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