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The Bachelor…and the Bible…

A couple of years ago, I was conned into going over to a girl friend’s house with a group of about 8 girls, to eat pizza, cookies and watch a show called…drum roll…. “The Bachelorette.”

I was 300% sure I would hate it. And well, at first I kinda did. And then I loved to hate it, and thennnn I caught myself watching it every week with these girls. Just stuffing our faces with cookies and chatting and laughing and getting so worked up about these people on this show! I couldn’t believe it. I was hooked. So since then, I’ve continued to follow both the Bachelor and the Bachelorette.

One day, as I was sitting watching the last season of “The Bachelor,” I was simultaneously reading some Bible…ya know, the good book. I jokingly tell people it was because I felt guilty for inadvertently supporting such a ridiculous concept…a bunch of women fighting for the “love” and well-dispersed affection of onnnneee man, whom they hardly know a thing about. I digress…

So there I am, reading a Bible verse about basing your choices and life on a solid-rock foundation, and striving to be the “bride” of Christ..committed, unconditionally in love..married..So me being me, that formed into a lyrical ballad relating to the desperation of these women to get married, basically to anyone ABC network has deemed the most eligible bachelor in the entire United States. The basis of the song is sarcasm. The concept of this show is for this mob of women to all simultaneously “fall in love” with this one guy, with no foundation or reasoning for that whatsoever…one of the most important decisions of your life..and they are blindly competing with each other for a guy they don’t know…ready to have that Tiffany’s ring on their finger. To win the prize. Women, let’s not be so easily manipulated into what we are supposed to want without asking why or if it is actually what we want.

For anyone who knows me personally, I’ve never been the girl planning out her dream wedding or husband’s Ken doll traits since she was a little girl…so the fact that I’m so into this show is not only embarrassing, but ironic. I hope you enjoy the song and the love-hate relationship I have with the show itself.

Here’s a little montage of funny moments with the song as narrator…

And here’s your free download through soundcloud if ya like

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