Sexual Bullying

I want to be clear about something before you start reading this. I am not some man-hating, raging feminist. I’m educated. I have an incredible family and an amazing father and brother. My husband is a dream. I have some good friends who are guys. But what I want to talk about is not about them. I do think they should all hear it though.

I have told my husband about some of the things that I’m going to talk about in this blog, and he couldn’t believe that guys really did this kind of stuff. I wish I was making it all up. But what I want men and women alike to get out of this is a glimpse into reality. Women are not viewed as equals by some men.

Men do not cat-call at women because we are dressed a certain way or because they see skin or because they just can’t help it. They don’t whistle at young girls who could be their daughters from their car windows because they think it’s going to get them a date. And they’re not yelling lewd things at us from a construction site or from across the road like cowards so that we will feel flattered or confident about ourselves. Men do these things because they can. It’s a (per)version of power that they get to have in that moment. Because what can we really do in response? Nothing. I’ve made the mistake of responding before, and it’s never gone over well.

One night I was walking with 2 of my girl friends to our cars after meeting for drinks downtown, when a truck full of guys our age slowly drove by yelling and cat calling at us. We didn’t acknowledge them. But as they passed I stuck my middle finger up. They got silent. stopped in the middle of the road, backed up, and one of them leaned out of this window and yelled in a terrifying serious voice “Bitch I will rape you in an alley.” We ran to our cars.
I guess we were supposed to be flattered.

I’ve never seen a woman blow a kiss back or walk over and have a friendly chat with the men who are doing these degrading things.  So I’m asking…what are we supposed to do in these frightening, intimidating, uncomfortable, infuriating moments ? I want to tell these stories because I think they will shock you…and maybe help you see something that you haven’t before. Have these men forgotten that we are their sisters, mothers, daughters, nieces, and wives? We are not objects for entertainment or animals for taunting. We are not flattered. We are scared. We’re not honored to be noticed; we’re being bullied and cornered both physically and metaphorically. I realize that the type of man who antagonizes and harasses women would never take the time to read this blog, but I still think it’s important for guys to understand that this is happening to women you know. And no one is standing up for them. I want you to understand how these situations make us feel. I want women to know that we are all dealing with the same thing. This has  been going on for 15 years of my life, and I’m only 28 years old. I want a solution, but I’m at a loss.

In 50% of the jobs that I have had in which I had a male supervisor, I have been sexually harassed in some form. I’m not over-exaggerating for affect. Creating a fuss about it would have been more embarrassment than it was worth to me. Here are just a couple snippets.

Before I was even 17 years old, I had worked in a couple jobs already. I really loved having some independence. A man I worked for who was 3 times my age complimented my eyes, my smile and “beauty” so much on a daily basis that I finally quit. I never knew what to say..I was too young to fully understand how inappropriate it was. All I could think was, “is it ok to be so weirded out by someone who’s saying such nice things?”

In an office I worked for, the male manager who hired me once called a co-worker/supervisor of mine, and while on speaker phone (without knowing I was sitting there) asked them to send me to his office location for the day… “So we’ll have something good to look at,” he said. I felt dirty, but I said nothing. I was so embarrassed. He was asked to apologize to me later. I’m sure he was very sorry.

Once I was running alone around my apartment complex. It was huge so I liked to stay inside the complex because it made me feel safer. I had ear phones in listening to music when a guy dressed in regular casual clothes (he was not already running) who was about 6’3 ran up out of nowhere from behind me and started running next to me. It scared me to death. I didn’t stop running. He said “I bet you look good in a swim suit with all this running. You wanna go to the pool?”

In college I had a guy “friend” who asked me why I didn’t dress in tighter clothing so guys could see that I had a nice body instead of hiding it.
All I could say was, “that’s exactly why I don’t wear tighter clothing.”
Is my only purpose to make sure men think I’m attractive enough?

Walking home from class one day in college, a truck driver laid on his horn and yelled something to the affect of “hey baby, where you going…” out of his window. I threw up the bird  and kept walking. But he stopped his 18 wheeler to yell “stupid bitch” at me and then drove on. I was 18 years old. He could have been my grandfather.

Walking my dog, alone, in the middle of the day in a very nice part of Nashville this past year, a group of kids were skate boarding on a hill near me. One of them yelled something down at me, but I couldn’t hear them very well. I just ignored them and kept walking. After walking about another minute or so, I felt like someone was behind me. When I turned around one of the kids was within a foot of me almost touching me. Bodhi (my dog) went crazy, lunging and barking and growling at him. The kid ran away.

Two days ago I was riding my bike with my husband. A truck drove by with the windows down and the men in it whistled and growled at me like dogs, with my husband directly behind me.

Last year I was in a small super market shopping for groceries, when I noticed a man starring at me out of the corner of my eye. I looked at him directly, not in a friendly way, hoping he would get the hint and look away. But he did not. He seemed turned on by the attention, which made me immediately afraid of him. I quickly found my way to a different aisle. He followed me. I wish I was making this up…He didn’t pick up any groceries. He just continued watching me, making strange noises with his mouth and licking his lips. He followed for 3 aisles until I got into a line to check out and leave.

One time I was running in my family’s neighborhood, a group of boys (under the age of 15) followed behind me on the sidewalk for several minutes, making comments about me loudly to each other so I could hear them… When I reached a culdesac, I finally turned around and yelled  angrily that they better go home or I’d find their parents and tell them what they were doing. They laughed. Then I started running towards them. They tried to reverse and ended up abandoning their golf cart and ran in different directions, home. I couldn’t believe how young they were. How do boys that young learn that kind of behavior??

In college a girl-friend of mine invited me to a party at Auburn. It was about a 2 hour drive to get there from my school, but I was down to go along. I was excited to meet new people at a different school. We got there pretty early since we were supposed to be staying the night with her friends who were throwing it. She knew almost everyone there. For the first hour or so I was just chatting with people, getting to know them. No one was really even drinking yet…still decorating and preparing. People started showing up around 8pm, and I had a beer and then someone made me a drink. I don’t know who made it, but I assumed it was one of the pre-made punches. I stepped outside to the patio to get some air for a minute because I felt a little weird, when all of the sudden I couldn’t stand. I got someone who was standing nearby to help me inside to my friend. When I woke up the next morning, we were in Birmingham. She had driven me 2 hours home immediately. Someone had put something in my drink. It didn’t make any sense…she knew just about everyone there. I couldn’t understand who would do something like that to a friend of a friend…

I think you’ve heard enough.

Some people are going to read this and think that I must have been dressed like I was asking for attention at the grocery store. Someone is going to think that I must dress provocatively to go running..or that I was flirting in some way with my bosses, giving them the wrong impression, or maybe that I’m lying and I really just drank too much at that party. Or maybe they’ll even think that I’m trying to brag. That’s fine if that’s what you want to believe. But the other women who have had similar experiences know better. They know how aggressive men can be and how terrifying it can be to be approached by a strange guy when you’re alone, sitting on a bike in traffic, walking your dog or shopping at the grocery store. It’s not ok to purposely intimidate another human being, knowing they cannot retaliate.
I’ve tried ignoring these people, and I’ve tried being aggressive back. I’ve done everything I know how, from passively laughing it off, to yelling at them, to getting them kicked out of clubs for grabbing me. Nothing has given me a sense of relief or safety. It’s still scary to make these kinds of people angry. The only thing I know to do is make sure that people know that this is going on. If people read that this stuff is happening, maybe there will be a different outcome when a guy is around a friend who thinks it’s funny to do any of these atrocious things to women. I hope he’ll put some thought into what it’s going to make her feel.

One day, hopefully I’ll have a son or a daughter or maybe even both. I hope that by then, my daughter won’t have to be afraid of going for a run in the middle of the day in her own neighborhood. And I hope that my son will respect women as equals, and stand up for them, not treat them like trivial, sexual objects of entertainment when he’s with his friends. Maybe some women have thicker skin than me. Maybe I am a bit of a feminist. But I promise you, there is not one of us who has not been intimidated by a man in some form, just out there walking around in their day to day lives. These people need to be exposed for the barbaric, bull sh*t behavior that they are getting away with.







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WHY Taylor Swift wants you to pay for her music


As I’m sitting at my computer writing this, I’ve just purchased Taylor Swift’s new album 1989.
iTunes asked me, “Are you sure you want to buy Taylor Swift’s 1989?” Hell yes, I’m sure.

I’ve heard plenty of opinions on her decision to take her new album off Spotify…and I’ve got something to say about it.

I am a hard-working artist, who makes practically no money from Spotify, iTunes streams or any other online music streaming service.
I, like every other artist on the planet, wasn’t asked if I’d like to stream my music on Spotify. It just magically appeared there. So that I can have the opportunity to make pennies for the music I would otherwise be selling for actual money.
Spotify estimates $0.006 per stream…divided in half if you’re signed to a label, which is the cost we pay to be able to afford recording any music in the first place..

Artists (and labels) have to spend an incredible amount of money on making a quality recording. After wringing our hearts dry to get great songs out of our endless hours of writing, those of us who aren’t proficient in ProTools or Logic have to pay for recording studio time, hire a producer, pay musicians to play the instruments (because a singer and a guitar won’t cut it anymore), someone to mix it, and then finally get it mastered (mastering alone can cost you up to TEN GRAND if you get someone who really knows what they’re doing)…..

So with all of that, the creation of Spotify opened the floodgates of money just rushing out the door for anyone who writes, produces, and creates music.
If a song gets 10,000 streams on Spotify, a signed artist can make up to a whopping $30. Now If they sold 10,000 singles on iTunes, they’d make up to $2500 (as a signed artist).

When my friends make an album, I buy it. I hand them money or buy it offline or whatever the best option is to make them the most money, because you know what? I LIKE THEIR MUSIC. I support what they’re doing, and I understand how much work goes into it–how much they love it.
I want them to succeed, and even more importantly, they are talented. And people need to be able to keep hearing these artists’ music.
The bottom line is, without money coming in, no one can survive.

Arists who say that Spotify isn’t hurting anything— that it’s just great exposure and a way of simply reaching a bigger audience… These are the ones who have no choice but to say that. We are practically forced to be conformists here because we are too broke and too desperate to do anything besides go along with it and hope for “more exposure”– which in my world, simply translates into “NO MONEY.”

I work very hard. I love music. And so many other people are in my boat, but drowning. Because people have decided that music “should be free.”
Why is that? Because it’s art? Because it’s just sounds put together? Because it’s already accessible?
It’s stealing.
I want an answer! Why should music be free?

People don’t walk into an art gallery and say “I think this one is beautiful. It speaks to me. I’d like to have it?” If you want it, you pay for it.
Like I’ve already said, music isn’t free to make. Even LIVE music isn’t free to make. We spend hours rehearsing and practicing– hours we could be working in a real job making real money– we pay other musicians to play with us, we have to show up early to set up and stay late to break down. And do you know what we get paid? Most of the time, nothing. We are giving our music away all. of. the. time. But we love it, so we suck it up. And we hope for the best.

I am so sick of people telling me that music should be free. It absolutely should not be. This is called the music business, because it is a business.  Money is not a deniable part of the equation. That is, until we get snuffed out by the people who believe in getting everything they want as soon as they want it, for absolutely no money.  We live in a society of people who have decided that we need that. And thanks to Spotify, people can have it. And we will go broke.

To those people who expect music to be free, I’d like to ask you to show up to work today just for the sheer joy of it, without being paid…like we do. Just invest your time, day in and out, into a hopeful payoff in the future…
Then, I’d like to render your gifts and passions, obsolete. And I’d like you to lie down and take it as if it doesn’t piss you off.

Taylor Swift made a humongous effort to keep her new album from being leaked, and people can and will scoff at her because of it…like this joker, Tom Barnes, a writer from Music.Mic  …
“Swift is trying to prove a point about how we should buy music, but she’s completely ignoring the realities of the industry. It isn’t about selling records anymore — it’s about innovation in songwriting, creativity in marketing and, yes, free music…. ”

Right, Tom. Cause people are telling football players to continue to play hard and win games..continue giving us the entertainment we want,  but not be paid anymore…They should just find a creative, more “innovative” way of making money on the side…cause hey, they’re rich already right?
There isn’t a harder working, more innovative, intelligently marketed artist than Taylor Swift, you moron That’s why she deserves to be PAID for all that work. That’s why  people should care enough about this issue to start buying and stop streaming.

Taylor Swift’s music is being begged for online.. for free…but you’re not going to get it for free- and you shouldn’t. So BUY IT.  You can buy a $12 martini.. a $12 sandwich..a $12 lipgloss… but you can’t buy an album that you’re going to love…and listen to over and over and over??? Whether it’s Taylor Swift or KORN..I don’t care. Just buy it if you want them to continue making music, otherwise our art form will die.

Just because Taylor Swift has money and success (which she earned) doesn’t mean that she doesn’t just as equally deserve to be paid for the album she created! Taking down her music should be viewed as standing up for artists who have worked hard to make music, and refuse to be told it’s worth literally $.006 each time it’s heard.

In an interview with Yahoo, she’s quoted saying “I’m not willing to contribute my life’s work to an experiment that I don’t feel fairly compensates the writer’s, producers, artists and creators of this music.”

She’s made the scarifies, put in the time, the work…this is her life. She, and every other artist she’s making  a statement for by taking her music off Spotify, including me, deserves the respect of being paid for what they work so hard to create and share with the world.



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The Dog Blog: A Day in the Life of Bodhi


I’m lucky enough to have a new, handsome fella as a permanent fixture in my life these days…
He’s giddy and all smiles every time I walk into the room. He pouts when I leave for work…and stands up for me when someone strange is walking a bit too close. He even sits and listens attentively when I practice my songs. He’s content just sitting next to me, watching tv and eating cookies on a Friday night…
He thinks I can do absolutely no wrong.
As long as I feed him and take him for walks…And don’t leave him alone for too long….
Logan and I have discovered that our golden retriever, Bodhi likes to make sure we know he is displeased with being left at home for any length of time..It all started about a month ago..
Every time we would leave the house, he would wander into the bathroom and rummage through the garbage can (ew) and get out anything that can be chewed and swallowed (and apparently sometimes processed by a dogs stomach) and chew up the rest as a public display of his distaste for loneliness. He also really enjoys taking anything that can’t be swallowed over to his favorite little carpet in our living room to make sure we know that, “this is what happens when you put doggy in a corner..”
After realizing this was a pattern and not a random occurrence on Bodhi’s part, we quickly learned to just shut the bathroom door when we’d leave,
and since our beloved and incredibly sensitive dog is not reprimandible, because well, he pees himself if you raise your voice above “Stern” and will then proceed to lay down in it..…we simply have to “send him to his bed” with a tone of voice which implies our “severe disappointment.”
< this is the same bed where he can be found happily lounging in the sun almost any time of the day>
He’s not exactly learning his lesson…
But how do you disciple a dog who pees himself out of senseless fear…and then lays down in it, I ask you?
Anyhow, as a wedding gift, my best friend got us a garbage can with a sturdy lid! Eureka! We can leave our bathroom door open when we leave again!
Problem solved, right? Not exactly. Bodhi still has a point to prove.
As it turns out, there is a secretly delectable treat that we humans have no discovered yet—the cardboard in the center of toilet paper!
Bodhi has now graduated to ever-so-gently slipping the toilet paper off of its holder, bringing it over to his favorite rug in the living room—chewing it up and getting down to the tasty center…and then eating it in it’s entirety. Yumm. You can imagine the problems this pattern might cause.
Who knows what’s inside that dogs body. His intestines must be a very unique creation. But his fear of discipline is too comical and too cute to out weigh the effort it would take to force him into the shower every time he pees himself for fear of a loud voice, and subsequently laying down in shame…in his own urine.
But he is the cutest.
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When I write a song, sometimes I’m being inspired by a completely personal experience, and it’s a 100% true story kind of a thing, but other times, I’m writing from other peoples experiences and my own small part played…or maybe my second hand account of someone else’s story…someone I am not…a stranger…and I’m putting myself in their life for a moment to try to understand, portray and write about what I imagine a particular reality in their life has been like, through a song.

In my new album, I’ve got 13 songs with some kinda secret hidden in there..thus the title, “Secrets.” Every song has a reason I wrote it, those are my little secrets. And maybe those reasons don’t even still hold true, but the great thing about songs is that they encapsulate a moment and how you felt then. They’re forever. And they help you keep learning and, sometimes, give someone else the comforting feeling that they’re not alone… “yep, I’ve felt that way too..”

The first line on the album is “There is a secret that I know, to help us further down the road. Take my shoes, I’ll walk in yours, maybe we’ll learn a little more”…
I wanted this album to really depict who I am, and the secrets I have, the way I think, the experiences I’ve had: they’re all in there on this one. I’m proud to be able to put my name on this group of songs.

A couple years ago, I worked with someone who was angling to get me signed to a big label, and green as I was, I wasn’t fully seeing the big picture of what they wanted…but I’ll never forget him saying to me, “Being in a happy relationship doesn’t really make for good songs.”
Well dude, guess what…as it turns out…a good writer doesn’t need to be miserable to write good songs. I just got married and released my favorite 13 songs I’ve ever written…so happiness does breed good music and success. How’s that foot tasting.

Never let anyone tell you how the “world works.” Never let anyone tell you you can’t have what you want. We only get one “go” at life, and that, my friends, is the real secret. Take it all in…and share it with everyone you can. Forget the negative people, cause if you don’t, then they mattered. I’m so happy and so lucky to be making music my career every day, and having amazing people behind me and around me.

I hope you love my album, and most of all, I hope it means something to you!

Buy it! 😉

Secrets cover



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Soon to be….”Lee Anna McGuire” !


I’m getting MARRIED! I’m so excited.I’ll already be married when my album drops in August…and when my label throws the album release party in Nashville…annnnnd… slowly but surely, I’ll be changing everything I have online, including this website over to “Lee Anna McGuire“!

It’s kind of tricky to do all of that, and I’ve had 50% support and 50% wondering why I don’t just keep my name since I’m already known by it…and well, it’s cause I want to be Lee Anna McGuire!

And that’s that. =)

So spread the word… I’m not Lee Anna Culp for much longer!

<3 to you all!

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Picking the songs that define me

Until this last year, I could never have imagined writing at least one song a week…
I’ve been challenged and stretched in ways that I wasn’t sure I even wanted to be. But the result is that now, while I’m thinking through what songs will be on my album to come this year, I have more that I know what to do with.

It’s interesting, listing and listening through demo’s and saying no, that one isn’t good enough, or yes, that paints a picture of how I’ve felt this year…that song feels like me.

Being able to dissect and separate sounds, lyrics, and instrumentation into what distinguishes me from anyone else as a song-writer and an artist is the hardest part of this. What will people hear and say, “oh yeah, that’s Lee Anna Culp..”…. that’s the part that get’s tricky.

Sometimes even if I do actually like a song, and it just doesn’t sound like me completely..if I don’t feel anything when I sing it… I won’t want it on the album. It won’t fit. Like putting a puzzle together and having a couple pieces left that don’t fit right–but you can’t find the right ones so you force them in anyway. The puzzle is all wrong.  I will feel like I’m faking it and expecting noone to notice.

So the process has begun…whittling down everything I’ve been working on and putting my heart into. I want it to be so good. Like I want you to love every song on the album. Yes, you…whoever you may be, I want you to freaking love every song.

So wish me luck. It’s gonna be a fun, but scary few months of putting it all together.
And hopefully, get ready to love it.

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A lil’ slice of humble pie for the New Year

The moments that make up “being a musician” can add up to a pretty hilarious montage over time. My encounters may be unique to some of those you may have had..with odd creatures in bars, restaurants, and all kinds of venues…but I have a feeling there are a few musicians out there who will be able to identify with some of these stories. So without further adieu…

The first time I ever played in front of anyone other than a couple friends was in front of my 300 high school peers. I was so nervous, I don’t remember anything I said. All I remember is 300 faces looking at my face. I whole-heartedly hated the experience.  That’s where it all began. I am apparently a masochist. Cause I haven’t stopped and it’s ten years later.

There is no such thing as a singer-song/writer who has never forgotten the words to their own song. I once had a show with 100+ people, and as I was about to start the next song on the set list, couldn’t even remember the strum pattern of quite possibly the simplest song I’ve ever written. Stage fright took away everything I’d ever known about music.
It took probably 30 seconds of silent panic and coaching from my bandmate before I could start the song while the crowd just watched me. It felt like an hour.

I once had a fan publicly tell me what color underwear I had been wearing on stage the day after a show on Facebook. They were green, apparently. Thanks for that.

One night, playing all originals with my full band, to my surprise a few girls came up to tell me (whilst I was still singing) that they were really enjoying it…….buuut just wanted to ask if I could play any Brittany Spears songs so that they could dance.

There is apparently no inappropriate place for people to ask, nay publicly pressure you to sing acapella once they find out that you sing….starring at you as if to say “if you don’t sing right now you don’t actually sing”…
Therefore my competitive nature has led me to sing in a room where I was: training for a job, at a valet station waiting for my car, in airports, in a bank etc… simply because a stranger asked me to..

My favorite line guys use around Nashville is “we should write together”
At which moment they should follow up with the truth: “I don’t actually know your name yet, but ….
I see your boyfriend next to you, but I’m still gonna say it, let’s write together…
I know you have’t heard me play or seen any of my writing and I have given you no reason to think I’m talented or not a mass murderer for that matter, but hey, let’s write together, stranger. wink wink…
And here’s my business card.”

When people say they’re coming to your show, there is approximately a 10% chance of them actually being at your show.

I once had a girl walk up to my table in a bar and ask for my autograph…I was ecstatic… 2 minutes when I got up to leave, she also caught me giddy-dancing and high fiving my friends. It kinnnda took away from the cool of the moment…

Conversely, I once waited for 3 hours to play in an empty hotel lounge writers round.

A handful of times, my name has actually been spelled correctly on a sign outside/inside a venue billboard.

When being introduced to a crowd, I am almost always “Lee Ann( ) Culp”…so I ask you, is it more rude to not take the time learn the performers name before introducing them, or more rude for me to correct them immediately into the mic after they say it wrong?

I once heard someone sing an entire song about how they were conceived.

I watched a girl cry-sing about a break up while playing the between she was pounding vodka tonics, but an impressive sight none the less.

Guys should never need an accompaniment in order to sing a song. You need to learn an instrument, my friend. Call me sexist, but I know everyone else is thinking it too.

Very recently, I was singing on stage, and the table directly in front of me (like 5 feet from me) brought out a lit birthday cake and started loudly singing “Happy Birthday” while I was still going.
I stopped. Sang along, and returned to the spot in my song I was in prior to their perfectly rude timing.

Someone tipped me and my loft-mates over $200 at a writer’s round once. It was like we had won the power ball lottery.

People in Nashville shoot their business cards out of their sleeves like it’s Spider man’s webbing…to absolutely anyone who will take them.

If you’re a female musician, people will ask you your age at any moment they think of it. Including while you’re playing.

If you’re staring at someone on a stage, they can actually seeee you. My eyes see your eyes.

Hi kind bar tender, don’t throw bottles every 20 seconds into the garbage. It’s the loudest noise by far in the entire bar. I want to scream at you so hard.

So I ask you, my friends, where do the egotistical musicians come from? Cause this stuff is as humbling as it gets. Don’t get me wrong, it’s continuously hysterical to me, but these things are not the things that create the mongo-ego-driven rock stars that we see so often. There’s this whole group of us who really know what it’s like to be on the way up (well we hope we are) and appreciate the great moments, because there are some tough ones along the way.
But like my Dad always said, “Sometimes ya gotta laugh to keep from crying.”

Cheers to my hard working artists and musicians, especially in Nashville. You are all my favorite entertainers on the planet. Let’s keep our sense of humor this year ;0)

Happy New Year!

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“What Makes You Good Enough?”

Whether we admit it or not, often times we have some kind of check list of qualities or attributes that we expect our (current or future) significant other to possess.

Whether that means you wouldn’t ever want to date “a short guy” or a “girl who’s taller than me” …or “someone who’s too preppy”…”or too indie”…

Or maybe…you would only date someone if they had a degree or a well-paying job, or someone who lives in a certain part of town…

You get the idea. But here’s the thing… how would you feel if you realized someone was sizing you up like that? Pretty terrible. Noone wants to be seen as less than amazing, and noone is actually perfect…

Who are we to say who is or isn’t “good enough” for anyone at all? Shouldn’t we just be trying get to know each other for who we really are?..not just get a quick read of their resume or face and body type?

This song is about someone getting passed over and written off by that person with the check list, who hasn’t bothered to take a good look at themselves in the mirror.

What makes any of us good enough for anyone else?

There’s no such thing as “good enough”. We are just people…we don’t come with yelp ratings and degrees of worthiness to each other. But it is amazing how many people we’re willing to alienate by pre-judging. Everyone is different…and not everyone will always get along, but nobody…no matter who you are, is worth more than any other person…everyone deserves a chance.

So here’s the song for sale on iTunes! What Makes You Good Enough

I hope this song translates that message…and I hope it gets you happily swaying your head, while singing along…and sharing it with everyone you know.

everyone.  😉

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What’s coming up…

With a new web-site up and running now, I thought this might be a good time to blog a bit. I’ve practically stopped writing anything except for music in the past 8 months or so. I’ve just been a busy little bee. Buuuut I’m excited to have this all set and ready to go so I can give everyone updates on what’s to come!

I signed a deal to write for a publishing company called Songs for the Planet back in April, and so that’s why I am writing non-stop. I think the count since 2013 is over 40 songs…which is insane, but one of those songs is just too fun to hold onto until the next album happens (probably mid-2014)…soooo we are going to release this single in a couple weeks through the label, Platinum Planet Music….it’s called “What Makes You Good Enough” =)!!!!
It’s really stripped down and simple…and the few people that have heard it have given good reviews so I’m crossing my fingers that everyone will love it, buy it, share it and anticipate the rest of what music I’ve been writing!

I’ve got several shows and writer’s rounds coming up in the Nashville area I should tell ya about too….and one Christmas show in Birmingham.

Tonight, Oct 29 at 7:30pm at Mickey Roos in Franklin, Tn
Thursday, Nov. 7 & Thursday Dec. 5 our monthly writer’s round at Carol Ann’s Cafe at 6:30pm in Nashville, Tn
Saturday, Nov. 16 at Grays on Main at 9pm in Franklin, Tn
Sunday, Dec. 15, The Christmas Extravaganza at Moonlight on the Mountain at 7:30pm in Birmingham, Al
Saturday, Dec. 21, A Mickey Roos Christmas at Mickey Roos at 7:30pm in Franklin, Tn

I’ll also be releasing a few neeewww Christmas songs this year and definitely playing them live at the Christmas shows. I’m pretty pumped about this one…It’s called “You and Me and the Christmas tree.” That will be out on iTunes probably early November!

And last but not least, the video we did for “Carry Me Away” is complete and being passed around to some people to hopefully get picked up…I can’t release it yet because of that BUT it will be out sooooon and I’m pumped to finally have a cool video for that song. yay!

hmmm what else am I forgetting to tell you??? I dunno. But there’s the important fun stuff that’s comin up!

Thanks for keeping up with me and my music!

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When I go out of town for shows, the car trips are always entertaining. So I thought it might be just an entertaining for you to be able to see the shenanigans that go down while in route to shows.

For your viewing pleasure…and hopefully to give you a few laughs…

I give you this video

<3 LAC

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