A consummate singer/songwriter, Lee Anna McGuire has an innate ability for combining words with music and delivering that song with pure, honest vocals that resonate throughout the world. Originally born in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, her family spent time in Luxembourg, Greece and Germany, before finally settling in Alabama where she grew up. Always surrounded by music, she remembers listening to legends like James Taylor, Carole King and the Allman Brothers, but ironically, it was after reading the poetry book “A Light In The Attic” by Shel Silversten that first propelled her into writing. At age 11, she started rhyming, always carrying a notebook with her to catch new ideas and poems.

It was later when Lee Anna started learning to play the guitar that she would find the rhythm for her words. After receiving her first guitar, she took a couple of lessons, but after that her natural talent kicked in and she began creating her own chords and composing music to compliment her well-crafted poems – opening the opportunity for her first public performance at her high school.

Throughout college, her music was on the backburner, but writing was still at the forefront with her focus solely on completing her degree in journalism. After graduation, her musical dreams surfaced again and her performances as a singer/songwriter earned her a cover story in the Arts in Alabama Magazine. Now living in downtown Nashville, Lee Anna finds the creative energy invigorating as her singing and songwriting skills are honed by the city that has birthed many musical superstars. However, her music has already gone far beyond the boundaries of Music City with many of her songs licensed for TV and film around the world.

In the past two years she has played across the United States at venues such as Room 5 Lounge (Los Angeles, Ca.), Smithsonian Renwick Gallery (Wash. D.C.), Franklin Theater (Franklin, Tn.), and Workplay Theater (Birmingham, Al.) among many others with great responses. She has played for the Savannah Folk Society, and has played the Southbound Music Festival, BAAM Festival, and Music City Blues Festival.

Lee Anna is always eager to perform as well as help with a worthy cause, so she volunteered to appear at a Children’s Hospital Christmas event hosted by Elvis’s cousin, Edie Hand. It was that small act of kindness that eventually led to Lee Anna’s first songwriting deal, when Edie introduced her to the CEO of Songs For The Planet, Inc, Justin Peters. Captivated by the depth of her songwriting and vocal ability, Justin is excited to have her on board with his company, commenting, “We are expecting huge things to happen with Lee Anna…we can’t wait!”

Lee Anna’s unique sound and emotionally charged vocals and lyrics are sure to take her far. Experience the “real deal” – listen to Lee Anna McGuire!